Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jerry & Al - (Double Date?)

This post I will preface by saying that I like both of these guys.  They were good friends of mine, but this will always be one of my favorite stories...

Shortly after I'd met these fellas, Al called me up to ask if I would like to go on a double date with Jerry and another girl we'd been hanging out with.  Snow cones and a movie. Sounded fun! I told him I would meet them at his house after work.

A few minutes before I would be heading over, Jerry called to ask if I would like a ride over to Al's.  Hmm. Not thinking much of it, I told him I just planned to meet them all there.

I don't remember why, but on the way to get snow cones, the other girl and I sat in the back and let the guys take the front. (I know, doesn't sound like me at all.) All good so far.

The awkwardness started after I'd ordered my snow cone and both guys pulled out their wallets.  After noticing an uncomfortable look between the two of them, I went to sit down while the guys had a short 'team huddle.'  They came over to the booth a minute later and Al sat next to me while Jerry sat across with the other girl. The rest of the night, while very fun, was filled with some slight tension.

Evidently there had been some miscommunication about who was taking whom on this date.  Both had thought I was with them.

Bless their hearts.