Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blaine - The Expert

This particular story I would like to begin by saying that these are not bad guys. They are merely boys with good intentions (for the most part) that make common (and some extremely uncommon) dating mistakes which I would like to point out in an attempt to assist all who are stuck in this tragically delicious stage of dating.

That being said, Blaine was a nice, slightly shy guy in my student ward at BYU-Idaho. One Saturday afternoon he mentioned to me that he was taking a bowling class and wanted to know if I would go bowling with him for practice.

Side note: I love to bowl. It's one of the "Triple B" favorite pass times of mine (Basketball, billiards, and bowling.) I'm not completely horrible at it.

I did, however, have friends in town from Utah. With his permission, they each brought dates along.

We bowled one game. I beat him by at least 30. My friends weren't interested in another game, and after ignoring a few pleading glances from me, they left us to ourselves. No sooner had they left when he turned to me and said, "So I noticed a few flaws in your technique."


The ensuing game was painfully long and full of me trying to act pleasant while taking the "constructive criticism" of my game. No other conversation existed. Could not have been done fast enough.

Might I add... I didn't even break 100 that game. Not sure that advice was sound.