Monday, August 1, 2011

Alejandro- Orientation confusion?

Alejandro was a guy that I'd hung out with a few times. Sometimes in groups (of mostly guys) and a few times just the two of us (usually having dinners I paid for.) One night he called and asked if he could pick me up in 15 minutes for a date. After getting over the slight offense at his assumption that I would be available I agreed.

Knowing these were my favorite things, he decided we would go bowling, grab drinks at Sonic and maybe play some basketball and chat. We only bowled one game (which I won.) Then picked up some drinks and headed to the basketball court. In the car, the following conversation took place:

Him: So I was at a reception earlier and ran into one of my old church leaders. He asked if I was dating anyone yet and I told him I was mostly still just hanging out with the guys. He made some joke about how I might get "confused" if I hang out with the guys too much.
Me: So to prove to him that you're heterosexual, you called me?
Him: Yeah. Which is funny because you're practically a guy. I mean, you have a guy personality and stuff.
Me: Huh. *long pause* So that doesn't really prove your point, does it?
Him: No... I guess not.

After another long pause we played two quick games of one-on-one (which I won) before heading home. You may guess that we didn't spend much time together after that, and a few months later he was suddenly engaged to an entity we could only assume was a woman, although none of us ever met her.
Maybe he should have chosen different activities...

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  1. Hahahahah! Oh, boys. They love to put their feet in their mouths sometimes, huh?