Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aaron - The Absent

Aaron was the roommate of a friend of my roommate's. He and his apartment had dinner with us one night. For the next two weeks I passed him on my way to class almost daily. Finally he stopped me to ask if I would be his date for an apartment activity that weekend. He got my number and said he would call as soon as he got home and talked with his roommates. He didn't.

Two days later he finally called to tell me the plans and apologize for taking so long to call me. The date was the following evening. He came to pick me up and on our way back to his apartment to meet up with the others he told me why he had hesitated to call. Apparently all of his roommates had asked girls from a particular apartment on the date... except for him. So not only was I the only "outsider" on the date, but somewhere there was a girl sitting at home alone because of me. On top of that... I would be spending the evening with 5 angry girls.


We made foil dinners at the guys' apartment before heading to the wilderness for a bonfire. This kind of thing would be right up my alley... except for the part where my date wanted to be where all the girls were, and none of the girls wanted to be where I was. I spent most of the evening sitting by the fire alone or throwing a football with the one guy there that wasn't oblivious.

The ride home consisted of him giving ME a guilt trip for making the night so awkward for him, and apart from an occasional text message, he never spoke to me again.


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