Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Larry (A Tricky Situation)

I want you all to know that I am creating this post with the utmost sensitivity. I feel the need to recount this incident based on recent suggestions for blind dates. Nobody likes blind dates, am I right!? This is my reason:

I was once set up by my roommate's boyfriend. The guy seemed nice enough when he picked me up... and as I recall we went to a movie. I thought nothing of it when he shook my left hand, or when he reached across his body (going out of his way) to open a door for me. No - It wasn't until ice cream after the movie (in the middle of a painfully dull conversation about whether or not I like to travel) that I realized that he had absolutely no use of his right arm.

First of all, I would like to point out that this was not the sole source of the awkwardness of the date, but it is something that you'd think would have been mentioned to me beforehand. Was it okay to ask about? I didn't know! So I suffered quietly through another hour and half of conversation before we went home.

Words cannot describe the discomfort caused by this blind date. Although my date was not actually blind, he was, in fact, uniplegic...and tragically boring.


  1. What about the "date" with 2 girls per guy? Have you had any good dates?

  2. Oh Ami- I had a set-up like that, too. Except- this guy was a total country boy. So, I thought his mouth was just used to having a dip of Skoal or whatever in it & that's why his mouth & lips were pulled like they were. NO- apparently- at some point he'd had a stroke or seizre and had use of only one side of his body. HELLO......awkward! I should have known this beforehand, at least I would have been prepared.