Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travis (Piece of Work)

This kid was a friend of one of my roommates. He and his friends came over for a dinner she had cooked for them once. A few days later, I saw him between classes on campus. As it turned out, he and I had classes in the same building, and each had an hour long break afterwards. Magical, right?! We talked for a while, he walked me to my next class, got my number, and that was it.

That weekend, he called to invite me to watch a movie at his place. It went well. He was a witty, moderately charming guy. (Red hair. I've since had to give up on redheads. More of those to come.) The very next night, he asked me out again. Once again, an enjoyable evening. He asked if he could walk me to class the next morning. He did.

Wednesday night, he had a flag football game that he had invited me to. My roommate (his friend) and I showed up... At this point I show mention we were two of about six people there, yet the guy managed NOT to make eye contact with me at all. Later that night he called my roommate to tell her that he really liked me, but was "also considering" another girl. Seriously? So we can't be civil unless we're ready to commit to a relationship. Good to know!

Didn't hear from him for a week. One Friday night, I was lying on the couch with laryngitis when there was a knock at the door. I don't typically get a lot of company at 12:30am, so naturally I was surprised. It was him...just wanting to visit. He made fun of my sad little raspy voice as we talked for a while. Finally, I needed to go to bed (as it was about 1:30 and I hadn't gotten rid of him yet) and as he was about to leave he said, "I was actually wondering if you would like to make dinner for me on Sunday."

Is this guy joking? As it turned out, he wasn't. I jokingly said something to the effect of, "I can't just go around cooking for every guy that asks." Somehow not sensing my disgust, he asked if I'd been asked recently. I said I hadn't to which he replied, "Well then, I suppose I must have been prompted to ask."

Okay. We're done. I'm still proud of what I happened next. I replied, "Luckily for you, there are about 6,000 other girls of this campus, and I'm sure plenty of them would be more than happy to fix you dinner! If I were you, I'd start with the freshman."

After staring wide-eyed for a moment, he left. :o) I don't need to tell you that we didn't spend any more time together.


  1. Oh come on Ami, is that every girls dream. To be asked to make dinner for some guy? ha ha.

  2. You go, sis! That guy was a stuck up, unrighteous-dominion-type of jerk. Way to bring the ax down on his ego!
    I wish more girls would say "no" to these idiots--then they couldn't produce offspring. Which should mean they would die out...guess that's too much to hope for.

  3. Oh my goodness- I seriously LOL'd at that one! I have SOOOOO had that happen to me. Have you read my blog??